Studio Sergison was established at the Accademia di Mendrisio in 2008. Over the course of many semesters we have given priority to the study of the European City, and our work has been urban in its scope and ambition. The dominant programme we have considered is housing, as it represents the largest component of any city both in extent and as a proportion of the built fabric. On a few occasions we have looked at other building programmes, such as schools, hotels and office buildings, but housing is the aspect of contemporary cities that most evidently calls upon the skills of architects.
The studio advocates an experimental approach as a form of individual research. There is no ‘studio style’, but students are encouraged to develop a well-argued position as a fundament of their project work. We also encourage a collaborative approach and students are often required to work in pairs as a way developing solutions that come from discussion and well formulated argument. 
During the course of the semester the studio as a whole will act as critic and support the process through which work is produced. Over the years we have been generously supported by many exceptional guest critics, who offered their insight in to the work produced by students at various stages through the semester.